Although we are taking many precautions; the reality is while there may be ways to make our practice safer, there is no known way to eliminate the risk of transmission and infection. There simply is no risk-free environment in which to conduct business today. We have decided to do our best to maintain effective sanitation protocols but understand you are exposing yourself and potentially others every time you choose to meet in a public space.

We have followed guidelines through the stages of Governor Brad Little’s “Rebound Idaho: Stages of Reopening” plan.

If any member of staff or client is feeling unwell for any reason they are expected to stay home. If you have been traveling out of state or exposed to anyone who has been traveling or feeling sick please quarantine yourself for 14 days before entering our studio.

Yoga classes are available online as well as in the studio. 

Our space is intentionally small for a personal experience. This is great as a class environment but is not conducive to social distancing. If you register for a class and would prefer to attend via zoom just let us know.

Students are suggested to bring their own props and yoga equipment. If you don’t have your own equipment we have equipment you can rent or buy for the duration of Covid procedures to limit cross contamination. Cleaner and disinfectant are available and the studio is cleaned between classes as usual with a heightened level or disinfection of all services.

Should you wear a mask? 

Clients and students are not required to wear a mask. All staff have masks available to them at all times. If you would prefer staff to wear a mask while interacting with you just ask.

Wearing a mask all day increases the potential of touching the face due to mask adjustments. It also can saturate the mask reducing its efficiency. If a staff or client in the studio can communicate at a safe distance, masks will be saved for close distance communication.
If staff members and clients are experiencing allergies or a potential reason for potential spray at close distance that are not illness induced they may wear a mask to keep others safe.
Mask wearing is at staff members and clients discretion. If you see someone wearing a mask it is assumed they are not ill and have deemed it the best choice based on their personal situation.