Laura Denning | Yoga Instructor

Laura Denning received her 200 hour teacher training certification in Hatha yoga, and studied with a master Dharma Yoga teacher. She encourages students to discover what yoga means to them, by practicing mindfulness, compassion, strength, and courage. Her classes are accessible to all levels. She is always ready to offer variations, to modify and challenge. Laura encourages her students to approach yoga with an open mind, light heart, and playful attitude.

Amber Lomas | Yoga Instructor | Receptionist 

Amber Crystal-Rose Lomas was born 28 years ago in North Idaho and has lived here ever since. Although she has an adventurous spirit, and loves to take spontaneous leaps into the unknown, she has never found a place that was worth leaving the Panhandle that she calls home. You will often find Amber at a National Park, at some hike-in hot springs, at a dinner party with family and friends, or at home building her A-frame cabin in the woods above Coeur d’Alene. She lives with her husband Leo, her six year old daughter Dream and her dog Obi. Amber first discovered the wonderful and undeniable benefits that yoga brought to her life in college while taking classes with Terri Simmons, a wise and respectable beam of inspiration. Having always been drawn to meditation and to spending time simply “being”, Amber understood the concept of yoga but did not know the full extent of the way that it could change her entire life when practiced regularly. Amber holds an Associates degree in Child Development as well as a certification in Yoga and Mindfulness for Children and has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training where she learned immense amounts of valuable information about the anatomy and physiology that pertains to yoga. Amber has fused her love for children with her love for yoga and has created a class called Story Time Yoga for children ages 1-7 and their big people. She feels right at home in the quaint and peaceful studio that is Hayden Yoga & Massage and cannot wait to help the community discover this gem.

Jimmie Allen | Yoga Instructor

My name is Jimmie Allen. I’ve been practicing yoga for 4 years and loved it so much that I became an instructor last December. Since then I have been teaching many styles including: Gentle Flow, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasana Flow, and Power Flow. My heart is in the gentler yoga styles as alignment and mindful movement are the key to a productive, fun, and fulfilling practice. Yoga is my passion and I love to share this beautiful practice with as many people as I can.

Guest Instructors

Lauren Cuvala | Yoga Instructor

“I love the outdoors, traveling, hiking, gardening, and learning. Throughout my younger life, I was a sports nut, playing sports year round. I love to be active & healthy and sports filled that need for most of my life. After taking a desk job in my mid 20s, I begin to experience pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I sought out yoga to help the pain and found a new, challenging way of moving my body that made me feel so good! I found yoga greatly reduced my levels of stress and eventually after regular practice it did improve my body pain. But the greatest thing I discovered through my yoga practice, was a deeper understanding of myself and the person I want to be. I decided to challenge myself and become a yoga teacher so I could share the joy of yoga with others, helping others find a greater mind, body, heart connection in their own lives. I am a Anusara Elements ® yoga teacher. Anusara yoga emphasizes safe movement through the Universal Principles of Alignment. Anusara yoga is a heart-based practice that I think can appeal to everyone. I’d be delighted to have you join me in class. Blessings, Lauren “

Sara Morrow | Yoga Instructor

Dr. Sara Morrow is a Licensed Psychologist and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) who specializes in child, teen, and family mental health services. She teaches Mind Balance Yoga classes in order to guide people toward optimal well-being, combining the science of western psychology with the wisdom of eastern yoga philosophy. This style of yoga combines a range of mental wellness strategies – mindfulness, breathing techniques, relaxation, increased awareness of negative/harmful ways of thinking, cognitive restructuring to direct the mind towards positive/adaptive ways of thinking, self-compassion and having a healthy body image, social and communication skills, and coping skills for managing stress/anger/anxiety/depression/trauma. Classes include brief mental health education, guided centering practice meditation, breathing techniques, and an accessible-to-most moderate level of physical practice – with a focus on accurate alignment, safety, honoring limits, and exploring physical challenge without pain or stress. Students receive mindfulness cues throughout the class so that the experience become that of a moving meditation. Classes close with deep relaxation practices including restorative yoga poses and guided visualizations. Sara hopes her students leave Mind Balance Yoga classes feeling refreshed, relaxed, hopeful, and confident as they go out into their lives with newly learned skills and a balanced nervous system.

Natalia King | Yoga Instructor

Natalia King is a new resident of Coeur d’Alene. August last year she moved with her family from Gig Harbor, WA to Coeur d’Alene. Natalia King was born and raised in Russia. She moved to United States of America in year of 2000. She is trained in Competitive Ballroom Dancing, Pilates and Yoga and has been teaching in the States for about 16 years after relocating from Russia. Her classes and services have a holistic approach focusing on health and well-being. She works with individuals, couples, and groups, teaching stress reduction techniques, pre-natal and post-natal meditation and Kriyas, choreographing wedding dances and teaching meditation and yoga Kriyas for couples. She also teaches Yoga at NIC. Natalia’s latest training in Kundalini yoga as taught by YogiBhajan was completed in Seattle, WA. Under the guidance and training of Guru Singh, Sada Simran and Shamsher Kaur Natalia has completed and received her teaching certificate from Kundalini Research Institute. Her Facebook Page is Natalia’s DaY

Jessica Richmond | Yoga Instructor

An intuitive teacher who has taught for 10+ years locally and is dedicated to creating a very intimate experience for women to come home to. With that I keep class sizes small on purpose. I am dedicated to supporting the postpartum time over all else as this is when I personally fell apart. I will offer an abundance of techniques & tools used for life, labor, birth and beyond – no two classes are ever the same. A wealth of knowledge and wisdom is housed in my cells. I personally have experienced polar opposite birth and postpartum times between my two children. My intention is to fill you up – to connect you with your inner self, activate an embodied practice and allow you to experience this magical time supported by other women creating life. Transforming from maiden to mother. Walking thru that rite of passage together.

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